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What Is Corrective Exercise?

What Are The Benefits?

Corrective exercises can be used to correct or improve improper posture. The techniques aid in improving neuromuscular control and movement patterns, to facilitate increased blood flow and circulation. This can lead to better circulation, tissue healing, reduced swelling and pain.

Corrective exercises and stretches will also help to develop and strengthen key muscles in the body as well as help with flexibility and endurance issues. Exercises can even have a positive impact on the individuals, perceiving a positive sense of wellness and well-being.

Everyone can benefit from a corrective exercise session. Modern lifestyle is a recipe for functional movement disaster. The sedentary lifestyle with poor posture alone is enough for most to benefit from corrective exercise. Meaning everyone will see improvements in movement, pain, injury, performance, and fitness goals.



Comprehensive body and postural assessment to identify common compensations that occur when clients perform exercises and the reasons why they happen. This knowledge helps identify discrepancies and restrictions,  incorporates vital movement principles and assessment exercises.

Inhibit & Lengthen

Inhibit tension in areas identified as overactive or shortened through assessments, followed by our Sports Massage or Myofascial Release session. The aim is to reduce muscular tension, relieve soreness and improve circulation. Static and neuromuscular stretching techniques reduce stiffness, increase range of motion and encourage normal joint force-coupling and alignment.

Activate & Integrate

Integrated strength techniques improve total-body coordination, movement patterns and enhance performance by using dynamic total body exercises that are progressed to solidify and coordinate the changes made.

3 Sessions
$ 225

6 Sessions
$ 435

Save $15 on session

6 Sessions
$ 650

Save $25 on session

Each grouped session is prepaid in advance, booked and completed within 3 weeks of purchase.

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